Do’s and Dont’s

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Do’s and Dont’s2022-03-23T17:22:30+00:00


  • Bring reusable items if possible.
  • Please get back all non-biodegradable waste or deposit at waste collection centers or bring them back to your place of stay.
  • As much as possible bring ecofriendly products.
  • Used plastic should neither be littered in mountains /valleys and nor be washed away in rivers.
  • Prevent water from getting polluted.
  • This effort of yours shall be a big contribution in keeping the Himachal Pradesh clean and protected.


  • Don’t leave any eatable along the road side for wild animals and also don’t allow your caterer to do so.
  • Don’t engage with wild animals.
  • Don’t litter the mountains while travelling.
  • If possible don’t get packaged food.
  • Don’t create noise.
  • Don’t wash your clothes in water springs or stream and never discharge saponified water in water sources.
  • Don’t litter plastic/disposable crockery like plates, donas, spoons and glasses.
  • Don’t defecate or urinate near river banks and spring beds.
  • Don’t leave your undergarments behind after bath as the colors and nylon, synthetic fiber in cloth is a pollutant.