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ADB Funded Project


The Government of Himachal Pradesh sought the assistance of the Asian Development Bank, through Government of India, for the development of tourism-related infrastructure in the State, so as to promote the economic potential of its tourism sector. ADB, after thorough examination and extensive dialogues, agreed to extend assistance to the State’s proposal for ‘Infrastructure Development Investment Program for Tourism Himachal Pradesh (IDIPT-HP)’.

Program Objective and Scope:

The Program seeks to help the State to achieve its targets of enhancing performance of the tourism sector as reflected in: (i) an increase in the number and length of stays of tourists, (ii) more widely distributed income and benefits from tourism, and (iii) enhanced management of natural and cultural heritage sites of tourism importance.


The Program has the following components:

  1. Urban Infrastructure and Service Improvement
  2. Quality Enhancement of Natural and Cultural Attractions
  3. Connectivity Improvement
  4. Community-Based Activities

Loan Approval

The Department of Tourism, HP is executing an Infrastructure Development Investment Project for Tourism (IDIPT-HP) under the financial assistance of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The total cost of the project INR 619 Crores. There are two Tranches under this project. Tranche-1, the total financing approved are of $33 Million (INR 215 Crores ) and the completion period of Tranche-1 is September, 2018. Tranche 2 is of $ 62.16 Million( INR 404 Crores).

  • Assistance to the Program, in the form of loan, was approved by ADB on 4th October 2010. Loan Agreement for Tranche-1 was signed on 20 July 2011, with loan effectiveness from 26 October 2011. The Loan is scheduled for closure on 30 June 2018. Under Tranche-1 there are total 19 Sub-projects. All the projects have been completed. The list of projects is as under.
No.Name o ProjectContract Award DateContract CostStatus of Projects
1Circular Road 1km long at Naina Devi (HPTDB/1/1)05-Jan-20122,39,72,417Completed 30 Nov 2015
2Car Parking at Naina Devi (HPTDB/1/2)03-Sep-20143,02,86,969Completed 15 Jul 2017
3Integrated parking, interpretation centre and tourist amenities complex at Chintpurni; and Rest sheds, toilet facilities and view points along path from TRC to Temple at Chintpurni (HPTDB/2/1-A)26-Jun-201454,16,86,843Completed 30 Jun 2017
4Information Centre at Pong Dam (HPTDB/3/1)20-Oct-20111,29,90,478Completed 30 Apr 2014
5Parking, and toilet facilities at Pong Dam (HPTDB/3/2)20-Oct-201178,06,283Completed 28 Feb 2014
6Camping facilities, with provisions for 10 tents, including toilets etc. at Pong Dam (HPTDB/3/3)04-Jan-201373,98,045Completed 28 Jan 2014
7Jetty development at Pong Dam (HPTDB/3/4)12-Dec-20118,41,488Completed 15 Sep 2013
8Landscaping, Signage’s, and Allied Civil and Electrical Works near Pong Dam (HPTDB/3/5)17-Dec-201343,02,429Completed 30 Sep 2015
9Redevelopment of Forest rest house – Ranser island (HPTDB/4/1)10-Jan-201313,86,358Completed 30 Jun 2016
10Jetty development at Ranser and Karu Island (HPTDB/4/2)18-Jun-201220,93,635Completed 31 Oct 2015
11Treks around the Ranser and Karu Island – 4km (HPTDB/4/3)30-Jun-20121,88,73,858Completed 31 Mar 2016
12Landscaping, planting along the peripheral trail and directional signages at Ranser and Karu Island (HPTDB/4/4)10-Jan-201311,03,620Completed 30 Jun 2016
13Watch towers for bird watching, in Karu island (HPTDB/4/5)10-Jan-201324,18,539Completed 31 Oct 2015
14Development of camping sites at Nagrota Suriyan (HPTDB/5/1-A)17-Dec-20141,42,30,857Completed 30 Jul 2016
15Forest rest houses improvement and camping sites at Dhameta (HPTDB/5/1-B)16-Apr-201398,90,099Completed 30 Jun 2015
16Parking for 100 vehicles at Bajreshwari temple, Kangra (HPTDB/8/1)12-Mar-20133,81,16,169Completed 30 Jun 2015
17Shimla Mall Road Restoration Project (HPTDB/9/1-A)24-Jun-201423,72,63,367Completed 30 Jun 2015
18Rehabilitation of Town Hall, Shimla (HPTDB/9/1-B)11-Sep-20148,01,53,020Completed 30 Jun 2015
19Tutikandi Multi-storey Parking Facility, Shimla (HPTDB/10)06-Apr-201566,65,20,464Completed 30 Jun 2015
  • Loan Agreement for Tranche-3 was signed on signed on 28th September 2015. It became effective from 28th October 2015. It is scheduled for completion by 30th June 2020. Under Tranche-3, 11 subprojects have been identified under this Tranche, all the projects have been awarded and work is in progress. The list of projects is as under.
No.Name of ProjectContract  Cost
1Rejuvenation of the Markandeya Temple Precinct and Provision of Visitor Facilities, Bilaspur9,89,98,531
2Upgrading the Historic Urban Precincts & Creating a Heritage Circuit, Jwalaji Town32,51,72,722
3Conserving Prominent Temple Precincts & Upgrading Urban Infrastructure for Tourism in Dharamshala &Mcleodganj42,61,15,413
4Restoration and Improvement of Chamunda Temple and Bajreshwari Temple Precinct and Creation of Cultural Centre for Traditional Crafts and Arts at NagrotaBagwan, Kangra22,79,08,269
5Creation of Centre for Traditional Arts & Crafts at Badagran near Manali39,80,02,861
6Conservation and Upgradation of the Historic Urban Precincts & Buildings in Mandi Town33,24,97,820
7Restoration of Shimla Mall Road Extension33,88,67,703
8Eco-tourism Park at Naldehra, Shimla10,63,16,562
9Restoration and beautification of Ancient temples and Surrounding areas at Rampur Bushair, Shimla18,64,17,081
10Tourist Cultural Centre at Janjheli:25,17,22,544
11Conservation/ Restoration and Rehabilitation of Bantony Castle in Heritage Zone, Shimla25,45,14,304