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White Water River Rafting, Kullu


River Rafting

River rafting or white-water rafting as it is also called is swiftly making Himachal a focus for the sport. For a torrent of adrenalin to gush through every vein and surge over every muscle you can race over the state’s river rapids in an inflatable rubber dinghy. Sport is now being held on the Sutlej at Tattapani near Shimla on the Beas near Kullu, the Ravi near Chamba and Chandra in Lahaul. Possibilities are also being explored on the river Spiti. This sport takes a break during summer & winter. Himachal Tourism sponsors courses in river rafting and there are operators in the private sector also that offer this experience.
As other places in the world where river-rafting is offered, the State’s rapids have been categorized as follows :

Category I: Easy moving water, small waves, no obstacles.
Category II: Moderate Difficulty, with clear passage.
Category III: Difficult, High irregular waves, narrow clear passage, requires precise maneuvering.
Category IV: Very Difficult long rapid, powerful irregular waves and hydraulics, require precise maneuvering.
Category V: Extremely difficult, long violent, and highly congested rapid, for a team of experts only.
Category VI: Un-runnable.

Suggested Clothing
While rafting the following items apparel are suggested to be carried along: pants, socks, bathing suit/trunks, outdoor/sports shoes, cap/hat, sunglasses, rubber slippers, camera, warm clothing and prescription medicines. For the raft, shorts, a tee shirt and floaters are best. No jeans, please.