White Water River Rafting, Kullu


River Rafting

Rushing downstream with the strong river flows, negotiating turbulent rapids, water droplets hitting you in the face; white water rafting is an adventure sport that gets up the adrenalin working thick and fast.

Rivers born in Himalayan glacial valleys make a rapid descent before entering the plains and on the course they have cut out graded stretches that have attracted white water rafters from India and overseas.

Guided rafting is conducted on river Sutlej at Tattapani near Shimla, at Pirdi on the Beas river near Kullu, on the Ravi river near Chamba, and for the expert on the more daring rapids of Chandra, Spiti rivers in Lahaul and Spiti district.

River Beas from Manali to Bhuntar, a stretch of 50 km with a number of rapids, is most popular for recreational river rafting runs. Riding a raft over gentle, sometimes foaming waves and dashing against rocks and boulders is a thrill to experience.

For safety reasons rapids of rivers in Himachal have been graded in accordance with international guidelines.

The categories are:-

Category I: Easy moving water, small waves, no obstacles, it’s a relaxing way to spend the day.

Category II: Moderate difficulty, with clear passage and rapids rising to as high as three feet, which can be seen tugging the boat.

Category III: Difficult, high irregular waves, narrow clear passage, requires precise manoeuvring as the water gushes over the sides of the raft.

Category IV: Difficult long rapids, powerful irregular waves that require precise manoeuvring as the water splashes on the face and sends the heart racing.

Category V: Extremely difficult. Long violent and highly congested rapids provide stimulating adrenaline rush but for the experienced only.

Category VI: Un-runnable, Only experts should attempt this.

Out of the many adventure sports opportunities available in the state, river rafting is sure to be one of your most fun filled memorable experience lived.