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Bilaspur was a princely state before its merger with the Indian union took place after independence in 1948. Later it was merged with Himachal Pradesh in 1954 and became a district. Founded in the 7th century, the ruling dynasty traces their origins to Chandel Rajputs of Madhya Pradesh. Whereas the Old Bilaspur was submerged into the Bhakra Dam waters, the new town has only come up after 1963. Bilaspur town is the district headquarter and can easily be reached from Hamirpur, Una, Shimla or Chandigarh.

Language: Hindi, Punjabi, English are understood and spoken by the people engaged in tourism trade.
Temperature: In winter the temperature is mild and summers are hot and pleasant.
Clothing: Cotton clothes in Summer and light woolens in winter.
Where to stay: In the bank of Gobind Sagar, Himachal Tourism runs ‘Lake View Hotel’ which provides for a comfortable stay. Plenty of private hotel accommodation is available in Bilaspur.

By Road: Bilaspur is approachable by road from Shimla and Chandigarh.
By Rail: The nearest broad gauge railway station is at Kiratpur Sahib and nearest narrow gauge railway station is at Shimla and is connected by regular bus service.
By Air: Nearest airport is at Chandigarh.
How To Get Around: Local buses operate regularly. Taxis are also available

Places to visitKm
Bahadurpur fort40
Bhakra dam75
Deotsidh temple40
Naina Devi temple60
Sariun fort58
Tiun fort55
  1. Be at the famous night fair on Baisakhi at Markandeya.
  2. Visit Bhakra Dam, the largest dam of India.
  3. Visit the pilgrimage at Vyas Caves.
  4. Forest Walking and indulge in adventurous activities near the Bahadurpur Fort.
  5. Watch the Fair and participate in the religious festivities at Shri Naina Devi ji.
Baisakhi Night Fair At Markandeya
In addition to a shrine of Markandeya, there is also a water spring of ancient fame where a night fair is held annually on Baisakhi.
Shri Naina Devi Ji Fair
A big fair during Shravan Ashtami and in the Navratras of Chaitra & Ashwin, fairs commemorating the goddess are held at Shri Naina Devi ji temple, situated on a beautiful hillock, about 60 Km from Bilaspur and about 20 Km from Anandpur Sahib.
STD Code01978
District Tourism Development Office, Mandi & Bilaspur01905-225036
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Naina Devi
Perched on a hilltop on the borders with Punjab, Naina Devi is an important Shaktipeeth pilgrimage center that lakhs of people visit every year.
Believers hold that as the dead body of Sati dismembered during an all-consuming cosmic Tandav dance of Lord Shiva, it was the eyes that fell at Naina Devi, giving the place its name. It was Raja Bir Chand of Bilaspur who built the temple in the 8th century.
The temple affords a beautiful view of Bhakra Dam, Anandpur Sahib, and Gobind Sagar. Pilgrims throng the temple for the Navratri fairs in March-April and July-August, with the latter one drawing larger crowds.

Getting there: Naina Devi can be reached by road. It is 65 km from Bilaspur, 34 km from Kiratpur Sahib, 20 km from Anandpur Sahib, 151 km from Shimla and 107 km from Chandigarh.

Gobind Sagar
A majestic expanse of emerald waters stretching for kilometers into a distant sight, tamed by a giant wall and surrounded by lush green mountains, the Gobind Sagar Lake is one of the largest manmade lakes of India. The water body is spread over Bilaspur and Una district and is 56 km in length and 3 km at its widest.
Named after the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, it was daming of River Satluj at Bhakra in 1963 that created this lake. The old Bilaspur town got submerged but when the lakes water levels in winters fall, some shikara’s of the old stone temple do resurface as a relic and reminder from the past.
A variety of fish such as the Mahaseer, Carp Catla, Mrigal, and Rohu are found in the Lake that makes it a haven for recreational fishing. Fishing season is open in March-April and October-November.
Getting there: Bilaspur can be reached by road. It is 88 km from Shimla, 135 km from Chandigarh and 360 km from Delhi. The nearest train station is Kiratpur Sahib, 65 km away. The closest airports are at Chandigarh and Shimla.