A mountainous land with fast flowing glacial rivers and streams abounds with many types of fishes, some of them being indigenous breeds and some have been introduced to Himachal from European waters. Trout, a cold stream fish introduced by the British, and Mahseer, a warm water fish, are amongst the best gaming fishes for anglers.

Selecting a spot, dangling a bait and being patient enough for a fish to bite it is where the fun gets started. Letting the fishing line run as the fish attempts to throw out the bait, to bring the catch in after the fish is exhausted is as exciting as it can get. Releasing the fish back into the waters after a successful catch is what the sport is all about.

Rainbow and brown trout thrive in cold streams of Pabbar in Rohru valley, Baspa in Sangla valley, Uhl in Barot valley and Tirthan & Beas rivers of Kullu valley. Mahseer, especially the more sought after one Golden Mahseer are found in the streams of Bilaspur, Kangra and the backwaters of Bhakra Dam and Pong Dam.

Fishing is an regulated activity and anglers need licence for it. The licence are available for rod and line in trout waters, and for rod, line and cast netting in general waters.

The state fisheries department has identified the following stretches as potential fishing spots for trout and mahseer:

Trout Waters

Name of river Stretch Stream length in (km)
Beas Katrain to Manali 18
Tirthan Largi to Nagni 20
Sainj Largi to Ropa 22
Lambadug Barot to Lohardi 6
Uhl Barot to Kothikhad 10
Ravi Holi to Main bridge 5

Mahseer Waters

Name of river Stretch Stream length in (km)
Beas Seri mulag- Confluence of Binwa to Beas 5
Beas Harsi pattan- Confluence of Kunha tributary of Beas. 10
Beas Chamba pattan 5
Beas Kuran 5
Beas Dehra Gopipur 10
Beas Baner 5
Giri Bata 5