Heli Skiing


Heli Skiing

The fascination of Heli-skiing surmounts with the mere thought of being airlifted to the top of a mountain and then skiing down its slopes covered in powdery snow. Among all mountain thrills, perhaps nothing can really surpass the joy of Heli-skiing. In India, Manali is the only place where this rare adventure sport is conducted every winter.

On a clear day under a deep blue sky, a helicopter airlifts you from Manali and carry you to high altitude snow slopes, some with more than 3 km long runs, and drops you for a thrilling Heli-skiing day.

Heli-skiing, an expensive sport, is done on the slopes around Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba and Chandrakhani Pass near Manali. A sortie of mere ten minutes does carry the skier to over 14,000 feet high slopes. The sport is offered by a Manali based private operator.