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Day Hikes


Day Hikes

Triund (Kangra)

Just about every destination in Himachal offers the possibility of day hikes where you may leave in the morning and return by evening. Shorter walks are also possible in practically every place. These may not require the elaborate gear of longer treks but certain basic things may be kept in mind—wear a comfortable pair of shoes and if you are taking one of the more rugged paths, then something with a good grip on the ankles is recommended. Carry some water and a little snack. An umbrella or raincoat should also be carried -especially during the monsoons. Also be prepared for little drop in temperature after sundown and wear or carry suitable clothes. Sunscreen lotion, dark glasses and headgear are optional.

On the nature rambles do not leave the trail or spur, unless you are very sure of where you are going – distances and directions can be deceptive. Where required, it is also suggested that services of a guide be engaged.